Little Lost Table

Here is a darling little thing I have been working on for a client this week. I'm not typically into warmer colors. Blues, grays, and blacks are more my speed...but, I think it turned out pretty cute. I'm itching to jazz it up a little, but it's not mine, so I have to wait for the go ahead from the client. It apparently was a curbside find. Don't you just looooove those. It really was in decent structural shape...the paint job was awful, but, that's so easy to fix. I just can't imagine why someone wouldn't want the little guy. Check out the before below. Yikes. Well, off for more working. I have to say, the move has been good for business! Bad, for the blog. I need to dedicate more time to keeping up with you lovelies. I promise, I'll get better. Juggling never was one of my gifts. But, a girl can always learn!

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