Art Thief?

Above is a painting I did a couple of days ago, I really do love it.  It is a "repro" of a print at Anthropologie, that sells for $2000.  I changed it just a smidge, to make it my own...a little pink outline in the background, a little bit of sparkle, and it goes vertical instead of horizontal.  All in all, I'm super happy with it...  BUT, am I doing something wrong by reproducing this painting by someone else to fit my needs (and budget?)  I don't think so, but I'm curious to see your thoughts.  A little afraid to open up this can of worms, but interested none the less.  I just figure, that although, obviously, the start point was from the Anthro painting, every artist has his or her own "style" and vision they bring to a specific work of art.  And even if they are painting the same thing, it can turn out completely different from one artist to the next.  Maybe I'm just trying to justify, but, that's how I see it.  Below is the original painting for sale at Anthro.  Thoughts anyone?


Lauren Elisabeth said...

First of all, I think it's perfectly fine to copy art for your own use. This is how we all learn, by copying the pros. That's why in painting class we took trips to museums to copy the paintings there.

Secondly, all artists take inspiration from the art around them, whether it is other artists work, nature, etc. If you were to sell that piece, I might suggest combining it with other art that inspires you, so that it is not derived directly from one source. But, Bravo! I think it looks great! More realistic and whimsical.

Shelly said...

Don't we all copy people's art for our own?? Isn't that why we all browse blogs to get ideas to replicate? With that said, I don't know that anyone anywhere can be completely original. Things have been done. I'm sure the artist at anthropologie wasn't the first to paint a blue tree on a canvas, and you won't be the only one to replicate the idea! If it is wrong, where do we draw the line? Actual painted art? A bedspread design? A wall collage? Only things that are copyrighted?
I agree that if you were to mass produce your blue tree and sell it for the astronomical price that they are trying to, you may run into issues. But I say for personal use, copy away!! And keep posting what you try so we can try to replicate it too! :)

GiGi said...

lauren elisabeth hit it right on the money.
we all draw inspiration from somewhere in ALL we do. the over-priced anthro pic inspired you to create something (gorge by the way), and your creation will inspire you to do something else. it's a domino effect.

the fact that you made it your own says something as well. it isn't a "carbon copy"-you put your "flava" in it!

Jen of Made By Girl said...

Funny, I actually commissioned an artist to do a piece of artwork for me of a painting that cost thousands of dollars. I know that at this point I wouldn't be able to buy the REAL one, so I did the next best thing, commissioned it. I haven't gotten the art piece back yet, but I asked them to make it as close as possible to the original (that i LOVE so much). Glad i found your post...I was thinking the same thing, but I do know that as long as you are not using it commercially/selling it, it should be fine. For me, I just want to hang it in my home for my own pleasure. :)

Way to go!
Jen Ramos

Joi said...

I agree with Jen. You want to enjoy it on your budget and aren't profiting from it.

It looks great! : )

Anonymous said...

I call it art plagiarism. I do it all the time and in fact, plan on doing it with the ballerina with black and white stockings. First time I have seen your blog...cant stop reading it. You may be my long lost twin!! ;-)

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