White, White and Humiliation.

Yesterday, was my first real shopping trip at Ikea. I think I bought one of everything. Not really, but close...or so it felt. I was in the checkout line, just little old me (hubby was hiding, smartly, at work) with four carts. F.O.U.R., full of dressers, bookshelves, frames, and just about anything else you can think of. A few of my purchases are shown above. It was like I was making up for all the time I didn't live in a city with an Ikea. I came out of there looking like I had been to the gates of hell and back. Hair going every which way, makeup all smeared off...a complete, and total hot mess. And, to top it off (this is my own fault, really) I had my hands so full pushing carts, I had wedged my coffee in my purse, which was crammed in one of the carts, just to keep it upright. I then forgot I had placed it there, and picked up the purse to check out. As you can guess, my purse was "peeing" coffee in no time. I was walking through the checkout line, with my purse literally dripping brown liquid from it's under side, along the way. Lovely! So, now I need a new purse to boot. What can I say, I'm brilliant. I can see the humor in it now...but, yesterday...not so humorous. Nothing ticks me off more than embarrassment. I am excited to start setting the house to right, with all the good stuff I got (see above,) but, oh my, what a trip to get it.

On another, less humiliating note, today I am finishing up the cabinets...really, I promise. So pics will be taken and shared within the next day.


Pretty Neat Designs said...

Like the lyrics, "I can laugh about it now but at the time it was terrible."
Can't wait some photos of the decorating projects.

Rosie said...

Wow, four carts! Impressive...but necessary!

Bummer about the coffee though...still, the bonus to the humiliation is the need for a new one now...YAY! More shopping!

Cinnamon said...

I have the dresser on the bottom left and I love it. It's very clean and sleek looking in just about any room. I think most people end up feeling the same way at Ikea, I used to live 10 minutes from one and I was there almost every weekend and I never left empty handed and I almost always looked like a wreck afterward.


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