Porcelain Penmanship

It's been a while since I've featured a shop I enjoy, so today's the day. I'm actually making up for lost time by featuring two. You know my affinity for porcelain, and naturally I couldn't choose just one. The first is Brookish. It feeds my adoration for Jane Austen, and specifically her book, Pride and Prejudice (love, love, love!!!) Mr. Darcy's quote, proclaiming his love is my absolute favorite...I would adore seeing such sweet words every morning as I sip my coffee. There are also other items, with different quotes that are just as lovely. Sigh.


The second shop is Cynthia Vardhan. Look at the intricate detail...the woman has got to work under a microscope. Amazing! They are all different and unique, but all equally appealing. Pretty, Pretty!


Melanie said...

Lovely! Thanks for a heads up on these stores.

Anna said...

I love Brookish too! I want those mugs :)

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