Piece by Piece.

We went and picked this sucker up this morning from Brooklyn. I found it on Craigslist (once again) ...brand new, for $100 less than the store. Not to mention shipping, or delivery charges. I'm so excited. I can finally see it coming together, and that is so encouraging. Right now, we have a couch ordered, but nothing to actually sit on. No dining table, no master bed (ordered,) except for the headboard, it has been pretty bare bones around here, as everything takes time to arrive. The bed is coming next week, hopefully the window treatments will be finished this weekend...and then on to tiling and painting! It just helps to see progress, that's all. I can see the finished product in my head...but, oh, we are so far away from it right now. I keep telling myself, just make it through all the basic needs, then you can have all the fun you want decorating. That day is coming closer, and I am so grateful and ready for it. Til then though, I'll have to go one piece at a time, and be satisfied.

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