If I were...

...a rich girl...I would...

I'm sure we all have a long list of "rich girl" dreams, and could finish that sentence in a million different ways. I do realize that there are many more important things happening in the world right now than dreams of material possessions. However, I also believe that a little make-believe never hurt anyone. So before this post gets too heavy, let me escort you into my frivolous, and shallow desires and dreams. Because, I am soooooo good at it.

We all know what the glorious and iconic table above is. A basic on my list of love!
Below, are all my favs from Anthropologie. How I would love to have a little Shakespeare on my walls, especially this amazing handwritten version. The massive blue tree art print kills me, and the equally huge mirror is a showstopper.

What list would be complete without a little Jon Adler? I mean really...perfection.

And, of course, the classic and always desired, Madeline Weinrib. Rugs, pillows, and then some. Her graphic prints on whatever surface I can get, make my little heart beat a little faster. So, that's first installment of my list of desired objects. Oh, to make them mine. More to come!

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