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Ok, so this is not a glamorous post. But, it's something that I think just about everyone could use, including myself. I found this article through Curbly, on the Care 2 make a difference website under green living. I'm truly trying to make my home a greener one, and this site helps me to find out how. SO, if you wonder how to keep your upholstery spotless and clean minus the super toxic stain-gaurding...here are your answers!

1. Whipped Detergent

I like the foamy aspect of this formula so much, it is always my first choice. The whipped detergent disperses the cleaning agent around so that no part of the upholstery gets it too thickly. I like to dip a gentle brush into this formula, scrub the upholstery, and then rinse using the brush.

Equal amounts of water and liquid detergent (note to never use laundry detergent)
Mix with a hand mixer until frothy. Scoop the froth onto a sponge, brush, or rag, and scrub into the stains. Rinse.

2. Vacuum and Softly Brush Weekly

As much as I resist this step, it is important to vacuum the cushions and backs every week. Use a soft brush to remove loose soil.

3. Water Cleaner

Use cool water for non greasy soil. Note that heat sets most stains, but that you need warm or hot water for greasy stains. Just use sparingly.

4. Shampoo Cleaner Mix with water and agitate.

Dab onto a sponge or brush, and use on greasy stains.

5. 3 Percent Hydrogen Peroxide

Dab on stain, don’t rinse. Repeat until stain is gone. (Spot test.)

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gilstrapdesigns said...

I'll have to try that mixture my 3 yr old grandson has put I think jelly stains on my sofa and the stains did not come out very well. I love that chair it's so pretty.

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