Oh, Yay!!!

This sectional, has a stalker...I am guilty, and no restraining order will keep it from me. Sorry. Got a little creepy there...but, what can I say...the truth hurts. We have sold virtually every piece of furniture we own before the big move this weekend. And, we are blessed enough to be able to virtually start anew, decoratively speaking. We just decided it would be easier to get rid of everything rather than moving it across the country. At least, that what I managed to convince hubby (insert your best maniacal laugh here.)

Okay, all kidding aside. I am truly thrilled about the entire challenge ahead of me. This is a large piece in the design puzzle, and I can't wait to share some other pieces with you a little later on down the line. I have big plans...BIG plans.

Here is another want of mine. This graphic, hounds tooth rug is amazing. What a punch of interest for a room. I haven't decided exactly where it will go in the loft, but, it will be part of the picture somewhere.

These are some fantastic side tables from Brocade Home. I haven't decided if I want black or white. I think either will be lovely.

I realize everything thus far is black, white or grey. I like the base to be relatively neutral, but, I promise, then I'll have a little fun with the details. I'll share more as the process goes on. Til then...


 Viv said...

The side tables are lovely! I would go with white but then again I'm partial to using lighter colours in the home. The sofa is great too!

Unknown said...

Did you actually end up getting this sectional? I love it too!! Just wanted to hear if it's comfortable?

Thanks :)

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