Upside-Down Green Glory!

How peculiar is this? But, in a really neat way. Who comes up with this stuff? Seriously though, tell me this is not the schiznizzle (yea, that's right, I said it.) I really think I need these. I have been trying to grow herbs now, forever. I've tried it in my house several times, and any plant I have just ends up, either, as a massacre for the plant, a muddy mess on the floor, or both, due to my lovely, furry, kitty children. I figure if I can hang these out of reach, I may be able to have fresh herbs without paying $5 for a tiny little sprig at the store that is rotten in two days. Either that, or the kitties will just see it collectively as a challenge, and start learning how to vault off one another's backs in order to rip them out of the ceiling. I totally wouldn't put it past them. Still, I think it's definitely worth a try. I have gravity on my side after all. Oh yeah...the catch...booooo. As far as I'm aware, you can only buy these from Rockett St George, a company in the U.K. Say it with me...Ickkk, shipping! I hate paying for shipping in my own country, let alone one across an ocean. My hubby makes fun of me, because, it really is a peeve of mine that I complain about all the time. But, they may just be worth it. Anyone aware of a place on this side of the pond to find well designed, unique and may I add, stylish planters like these...please do share! I would love you forever!


Pretty Neat Designs said...

At Mass MOCA in North Adams, MA they have trees that grow upside down! It looks really strange, but in a cool way, like these planters.

JjHansen said...

Why couldn't you make your own? All you need is a container with a lid (think sour cream). Long before the Topsy Turvy was available my mom was planting her own upside down tomatoes, so why not rosemary?

When I went looking for directions I found these that makes one from a two liter bottle but I'm sure you could come up with something a little more attractive: http://www.instructables.com/id/Go_Green_Upside_Down_Hanging_Planters/

Good luck! Love your blog!

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