This Ain't Over!

Hmmm....I LOVE this stuff! L-O-V-E! I've had it like, forever, and it has really proved to be a fabulous addition to my paint arsenal. It's by Behr, and was sold at Home Depot forever! They also had it in gold, and silver (my choice.) I was asked what paints I had used on the piece I debuted yesterday. The answer is some regular old, super white interior latex paint, hi-gloss water-based polyurethane and this stuff...which is what made the dresser fabulous. See Below...

HOWEVER, after doing some research while trying to find a pic to use for this post. I could not find it being sold ANYWHERE. I am panicking. I am just about out of my current stash, and I think they've cut me off. When they were originally removing it out of stores, I went into a similar tizzy. But, I was reassured by the somewhat entertained salesperson, that I could still order it. I was appeased, not happy, but appeased, and I left it at that.

Now, I can't find it on Home Depot site, OR Behr's site. Like, they aren't even making it anymore. I'm in full meltdown mode. Don't the powers that be know that they have to run it by me before they go and do things like this! I have tried just about every metallic paint out there, believe me. But, nothing covers, or has the luster that this one does. I'm sure those reading this are like, "Dude, she's gonna have a stroke. It's just paint you wacko." And to that I reply, "But it's the best paint EVER...now what am I gonna do? And, yes, I may just give myself a stroke, but I can't help it, I'm high-strung by nature, and they are taking away my favorite paint." Duh! Makes total sense to me.

So, there's your answer. Metallic paint from Behr....that you can no longer stinkin' BUY!!! You can bet I will be going to visit local my Home Depot store very shortly to get to the bottom of this catastrophe. Mark my words, people. This ain't over!

P.S.- Men with the straight-jackets...don't even bother coming to my house to take me away. I'm going into hiding...AFTER I pay a little visit to the afore mentioned store.


Mrs. Limestone said...

Your dresser looks fabulous!

I used this paint (in the copper color) in my last house and I wasn't that crazy about it. It was more like paint in a copper shade rather than looking like copper. For lack of a better word, it was a little bit flat. But your piece looks amazing so maybe its just that color?

Have you used radiator paint? Its much thinner this this but lets you get into tiny crevices more easily.

Its So Very Cheri said...

Love this look. Please post to my Monday party Its So Very Creative.

good luck with the move. I lived in HJ but only for about 6 months and hubbs got transferred again.


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