My Kinda Place.

My Kinda Place

Go easy on me. This is my first mood board. But, not the last!!! It was super fun to do. Grey, pink, yellow, black and white. I am in love with the velvet sofa. I would actually take the bolsters off the sofa... the bolsters make it a little too stuffy for me. Everything else though, is just as it should be. Like everything else I do, I realize it's super girly, but I figure, you know what you're gonna get from me now, so it's no shock. I think for my first one...not too shabby!

Just click on the images to see where they are from!


p90x girl said...

Hi! I love this! Any idea where one could find a black chandelier like that?

Cinnamon said...

I think it's cute!!

I love the couch too. Cute blog.


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