Kelly G.!!!

Welcome home to Kelly G. Design. Her mantra is "because style matters." I couldn't agree more. It seems she lives it too. She is based in New York and has a penchant for "all things vintage." I cant totally identify with this girl. She loves to mix old with new, and contemporary with traditional. Obviously, white is her go-to color. It's everywhere, and oh, so lovely. Details and layering are definitely some of her strong points, which I believe is super important when you are dealing almost completely in a white space.

She also got very creative with the fireplace and made it a house for the flatscreen television. No need to sacrifice your mantle anymore kids...just conceal it in a non-working fireplace. Luxury is not something skimped on in her spaces. Marble is everywhere in the baths and kitchen. It seems though, that she has a fabulous eye for deals, as well. In her blog, (also wonderful) she shows found treasures, and how she breathes new life into them. Be they furniture or lighting. There is a lot to learn here. I enjoy finding new teachers, hope you glean as much as I already have. Enjoy!

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