Wallpaper: A Love/Hate Relationship

Wallpaper. I cannot count the times that I have cursed it. I have stripped countless layers of it, and wondered why anyone would think it was even remotely attractive. I have been dowsed in DIF and thought to myself "If I never see another piece of wallpaper, or a scraper in my life, I will not mind." I think by now you have got the point I am trying to make. Wallpaper had no use in my design life, in fact to me it was a four letter word. Which is why the post I am writing is such a shock. I am actually thinking of putting up wallpaper (gasp) in my house. I have changed my tune. Wallpaper, in moderation, can actually be quite, well, fabulous. Oh wait...I think I can hear Hell freezing over. This is not the country borders or the stuffy wallpaper of a bygone era. They are really making some neat designs nowadays. I even chose some that I like, to share with you. I'm still amazed, but, you know what, wallpaper ain't so bad. You just have to know how to use it!

The below pictures are from a company named Schumacher. I'm a big fan of the graphic black and white bird design.

This trellis design is a favorite of mine. Give it to me in any of these colors and I'm a happy girl!

Here is another great place for some interesting wallpaper. Nama Rococo is a unique shop that has unique wallpaper options. Below is my favorite that they offer.

Then there is Ballard Designs. Not typically my go-to...BUT, there were a couple that got me all twitterpated!

This last site is the mother of all wallpaper sites (to my knowledge.) If you can't find something here, I'm afraid you are on your own, and should throw in the towel now. There is an obnoxious variety to choose from. It's a little overwhelming. As you can see below, I got a little out of control. I kept looking and just kept adding. How can I edit, when they are all so fabulous?

The one below is actually a mini-wall mural. Mini being 3 feet 9 inches wide x 5 feet 9 inches height . Not so mini as far as I'm concerned. I think it could be a really cool addition, not to mention the crazy amount of things you can do with it if you feel like getting creative. Oh, and did I mention it was only around $25. Now that, is mini.

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Mrs. Limestone said...

Great picks.

I love it too but Im too gun shy to glue anything to my walls. (I can barely make tiny holes in them for hanging)

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