Small Package...Big Style!

Here is an aqua/turquoise treat. You know my affinity for both. This is a freaking TINY apartment and yet it looks so warm and livable. I can totally identify. My first apartment on my own was a tiny 600 square feet. It has been my most favourite home I've had the pleasure to live in thus far. I only left because I got married, and needed to move to another city. I totally miss it. It had something so many of these McMansions are missing...charm. This little jewel in these pictures so reminds me of it. This chick is a seriously organized (and color coordinated,) OCD type of girl. Check out the kitchen. I also love the curtain that separates the kitchen from the living space. You don't always want to see dirty dishes, when you want to relax in front of the tube. I love all of the turquoise pops of color. Specifically, the fabulous pouf that is definitely on my long list of wants. Also, a fav in this room are the andirons (things that hold the wood in the fireplace.) I am beside myself over them. Obviously, you can't have them in a working fireplace but, they sure do dress it up. So there you have it! Just because you live in a shoebox, doesn't mean you can't absolutely love it!

By the way...here is a picture of my little apartment. The only one I have in fact. I know it's an awful picture...but I thought maybe it was decent enough to post.

Pictures are from Martha Stewart.

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Pretty Neat Designs said...

Great apartment (I like your OCD comment). I like tiny apartments. Sometimes. My condo is just shy of 800 sq. ft. and while thats not tiny, it is by no means big either. The only thing I hate about a small place is that it is hard for people to visit, and with not one single family member in the state of MA it would be nice to have a visitor now and then.

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