Shoebox Heaven

I've come across a couple of places lately (some I've shared with you,) that are seriously short on space...but totally make up for it in attitude. I can't help but adore this place. I can't imagine walking in, prior to all the updating, remodeling, and decorating, and seeing this in it's future. It must have been pretty daunting. But, oh my, what a result. I honestly think I could live just about anywhere...no matter how tiny, if it was just well executed. The all white walls, and floors really add the feeling of space and help the special pieces pop. There is everything you need in this space. Bedroom, living room, office, kitchen, and bathroom. Like 5 in 1. Amazing! I could totally do this...now my million cats...maybe not so much...but, that's ok. I can still look and dream.

Photos via AT.

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pretty*pink*rat said...

Ooh I love that wall of square shelves. Storage AND attractive, just what a small space needs!

PS thanks for entering my giveaway! Good luck!! :)

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