Can't Help Loving That Man of Mine.

(Our wedding day)

Two years ago today my husband and I were married. Beside a pond, under a willow tree, at dusk. He is 6'5, I am 5 foot even. He is a jock, I am an artsy-fartsy. He is not afraid of bodily sounds (he's gonna kill me for sharing that.) I am mortified by them. He is fun-loving, and hates to raise his voice (except in jest.) I am tightly wound, serious and loud (I prefer passionate) by nature. Nothing has gone as we have planned it, and yet we are still standing together. We have found our calling together, and have followed it. Even though we are thought to be crazy ( I claim the word eccentric instead,) we will pass our values and calling on to our children. We have found our way, and stood firm in it together. Much to the disdain of some, and the joy of others. It has not always been easy, but it has been right. I firmly believe that nothing worth having typically come easily. You have to learn, and grow to become who you need to be as individuals, and only then can you flourish as husband and wife. You have to be willing to put in the work, time and effort so that when you get to the good stuff, the rewards will be all the sweeter...and most importantly, real and true.

He is without a doubt my best friend. There is no question that he wants the best for me, and I am learning to trust and love back unconditionally in response. We are still totally different, and that is good, because I couldn't live with another me. I am grateful for our differences (omit the afore mentioned bodily sounds here.) He is strong where I am weak. And, I am the only person on earth he is afraid of (he loves to say that,) so I keep him in line. We bump and jostle along, but we are both bumping and jostling in the same general direction. He is a wonderful man, and I am blessed to call him mine. Here's to another 48 years, Sweetie (hopefully more.) Happy Anniversary!

(goofing off...look at the scary, cheesy faces)


Its So Very Cheri said...

Aw-Happy Anniversary.

My blog has been growing so rapidly that I haven't had time to get over for visits, but I was missing all my blog friends and wanted to take some time to come over and see what everyone was creating and say Hi and invite you over for a visit as well.
Its So Very Cheri

pretty*pink*rat said...


"We bump and jostle along, but we are both bumping and jostling in the same general direction."

Love it :) My honey and I are also very different (city girl, country boy) and we have to work through a lot of things too. The way you've described the way you both flourish off of each other is wonderful! Again, congrats!

The Wife of an Artist said...

Congrats! Lovely post! My husband and I just celebrated our first anniversary on Saturday. Can't wait for year number two.

Pretty Neat Designs said...


Fried Okra said...

I love that post! I am a new reader/bloger and estian and am checkin out all your great stuff now! Happy Anniversary from another 30 year old who just figured out who she was as well.

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