Art and Angst

So, I was feeling a little dramatic, moody and angst-ish (Shhhh, I can make up my own words!) today, and I thought that JKL Designs would fit the bill nicely. Super feminine (ahhh, pink) and yet not obnoxiously so, due to the edge of the artwork's material. Perfection! There are some fashion undertones in there too, which make it all the better. It's not meant to be perfectly pretty, there is a little messiness in there too, which let's face it, we can all identify with. I will at one point, no doubt, have a piece of this shop's artwork on my walls. Good stuff! What are your thoughts!?!


pretty*pink*rat said...

Oh I love it! How strong, feminine, soft, powerful...all at once! I'm with you on wanting one for my walls!

Adding to favorites right now!!

Missing Goat said...

First, thank you for the kind words on my site about my sad day. Second, the ferris wheel in Paris made me smile - I love it there.

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