Lovely Loft Love

Mommy, can I have it? A lovely urban place made for a chic gal! If I lived here I'm not sure I would ever leave. The lighting really gives it that extra punch. I have seen so many lofts and I've found that for some reason the owners don't think about lighting and how that can contribute to the beauty and overall feel of their home. Those tall ceilings really are a prime opportunity for some fabulous fixtures that will help to differentiate the individual spaces in such an open floor plan. I love the eclectic mix going on in this loft. It's got super modern and industrial elements intermingled with the softness introduced by the more traditional lines of some the furniture and a natural feel brought in by some botanical details. There is no coldness here! I am especially in love with the kitchen's feminine ornate wallpaper paired with the open upper shelf with that crazy fabulous collection of white accessories. Especially in a room where hard surfaces and technology typically rules. So tell me your favorite parts. How would you have done it?

Photos Courtesy of Heather Garrett.

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creAtiv life said...

hey there;i found you through decor8 and i've really been enjoying your posts. thanks for sharing. alot of these are going into my back pocket for our future nest!

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