Watery Beauty

Not sure you know this about me, but I have a thing for underwater photography.    A big thing.  It's just so moody and ethereal.  So, when I came across a photographer by the name of Katerina Bodrunova I got a little excited.  I'm a fan.  I big one.  Can you imagine the impact that having one of these in your space would make?  

Aren't they lovely?

Hope everyone has a wonderful Monday.

Til next time...


Before/Afters Springfield Client

Quite a difference ehhh?  

I promised befores and afters for this project quite a while ago.  I'm not even sure where to start, as there was so much done.  I guess I'll start with the lighting, which was non-existent before.  It was a very large room with a ton of wasted space so I decided to use some of that space and make an entry (to the left is the front door) where there was none before.   We put a spectacular chandelier over the table to further differentiate the space.  Next, I decided there needed to be a light in the living area.  But, not just any light, a major over-sized statement.  I assured my client that it would be over a coffee table (vintage lucite and glass) so no one would be hitting their heads.  Its a showstopper for sure.

The sofa is a custom piece with Thibaut fabric from 1st Dibs.  We reupholstered the chairs (hers already,) and the daybed looked like this when I got it....

Can you believe how well it turned out? 

Next space...the stairs...

Much better, right?  Who doesn't love a little leopard?  

The dining room was another major undertaking.    

She already had the table and chairs, but I wanted to make it a little less matchy, matchy. So, we painted the chairs black and reupholstered them in a faux white croc. Mission accomplished.  We also painted all the woodwork in Benjamin Moore's Dove White (my favorite white) to make it lighter and brighter.  Something else that makes a huge difference is the lighting.  There was only one chandelier originally.  This room is huge, as is the table, so, I decided that 2 is better than one when it came to the chandelier situation.  It makes the room feel so much more grand.  The rug was hers already and adds that "something old" feel to the space. 

So I think that covers most of it.  Hope you enjoyed the break-down as much as I enjoyed designing this space...or at least close. 

Til next time...


What I've Been Up To, and Pics of the House

Hello all!  So, if there is anyone still out there reading, I thought I'd pop in and reconnect.  It's been a very busy 6 months for me.  Hence, the blog hiatus.  Hopefully, you can forgive me.  I've gotten emails asking when I was going to return to blogging.  I'm going to try to update a couple/few times a week from here on out.  But first, a little peek into what has taken my attention away from the world wide web.....

Yup, I went and done had a baby.  This is Roman Alexander.  He is a little over a month old, and already quite a handful.  Who knew something so little could be so much work.  But, he's a good one. 

Not only have I brought new life into the world, but we also have officially made the move to Chicago.  I've been here about three weeks now, and am trying to settle in.  I'm covered in cat hair and spit up most days.  Forget to brush my teeth on a regular basis.  And, don't even get me started on the house.  Yikes.  But, overall, I think I'm going to like it here.  Life is good. 

So I hope you can understand what has kept me from you all these past few months.  I hope not to repeat it.  

I thought I might share a few pics of the house in Kansas City I took before it was disassembled.  I have to say I miss it.  Mostly because it was together and done.  I'm a long way from done in the new place.  But, hopefully I will remedy that over time. 

Sooooo a little bit of pretty for your Friday....

And, there you go. I know it doesn't quite make up for the lost time. 
But, hopefully it makes a little dent.  I'll be back soon with before and afters of the project I posted about last which was a home in Springfield, MO.  Love, love, love how it turned out.  The transformation was really crazy fab.  Til then...

It's good to be back.


Client Living Reveal

So, here you go.  As promised.  
I am so happy to reveal a project I have been working on for a few months.  This is a beautiful old house owned by a woman with oodles of style.  She was such a pleasure to work with on this living space.  And, it was one of those projects that just fell together beautifully.   
I'll give the details in a future post, and break down how it all came together.  
So, what do you think?  You like?



Hey all, I really have not abandoned you.  I know it seems like it.  But, I haven't.  There have been some things cooking over in these parts that have kept me silent.  Some were just working on things like this...

Which will be installed next weekend. Yeah! The artwork, is just an example, but I thought it looked nice.

Another thing I have been working on is....

Uh-huh.  We will be having our first child in early July.  It's a boy.   I am excited/scared/etc, but, I think he will be the best thing I've done yet.  

There is one more thing though that makes me question my sanity considering all that is already happening in my life.  And that is...

...we are moving to Chicago.  

Yup.  Pregnant, and moving to a new city.  Not ideal, but hey, I'm up for a new adventure, right?  All of this is happening fast and furious, so there's not a lot of time to breathe.  I'm already waddling, instead of walking like a normal person, so there is limited time before the baby too.  Anxiety much?  Definitely!  I will keep you updated with how things are progressing.  Hopefully I'll be back soon with pics from the install next weekend.  They should be lovely with a capital L.  

Til then...take care and stay warm.  


Cameo PR's New Office

Mention of yours truly on PR Couture in regards to Cameo PR and the new office I did last May. We went with a much cleaner, modern feel this time.   It turned out nicely if I do say so myself! 


Client Dining

What can I say about this lovely room.  It turned out so soft and perfect.  It's a large room and originally just had one chandelier for the entire room.  Adding a second one really makes a difference.  The wallpaper is aqua toile perfection.   I have been deeply in love with it for quite a while.  So glad I was able to use it in this space.  

It's hard to see here, due to the light streaming through the windows, but the balloon shades really add a nice softness to the window seat along with some pillows.  It's all in the details. Right?

Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend. 

Talk soon.


Client Living Progress

Hello to all.  

So, today I thought I'd share a bit of a client's living room that is still in the initial stages of design.  But pretty none-the-less.  The chandelier is really massive.  Like it fills the room and makes such a spectacular statement.  I am really happy with how the Mary McDonald fabric made gorgeous custom drapes.  I mean, really, really crazy beautiful in the blush colorway.

Then there is a little foyer area.  

This was just an open space initially.  Wasted space, really.  We added the chandelier and table and it has turned out beautifully thus far.  

SO there you have it.  
A little look into what I have been up to as of late.  In the next couple/few days I'll pop back in with the finished dining room in this home.  It turned out lovely.  

Til then....


Aerin Lauder's Home - Good for a Fall Day

Hello all...just popping in!

Hope everyone is able to enjoy this fantastic fall day as I am.  Here's Aerin Lauder's country home via Vogue, and it felt just right for a day such as today.  Cozy, full of velvet, killer style, and a beautifully lit fireplace.  Sumptuous indeed....yum, yum, yum.   The green velvet makes me happy, and covetous.  I plan to do the cushion on my daybed in a similar texture and hue.  I think it would be perfect for sure.  This space just makes me want to burrow in with a cup of coffee and stare.  Some spaces are just meant to be admired for more than a few seconds...this is one.  Go find a place to snuggle in today!  That's what days like today are for.  And if you have a space like Aerin's...even better!


The Daybed

Hello all.

Just popping in this fine Monday to follow up on the daybed I was telling you about before.  It finally arrived, and I am super happy with it.  Here it is at it sits in my living room.  Not a big fan of the brown cushion...I will eventually have another one made for it.  I'm feeling possibly a little green velvet action.  But, you never know.  That won't probably come to pass for a while.  I also need pillows eventually.

Thought I might include some great rooms that have daybeds in them.  I think they are an underused asset.  They are just so versatile.

1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8
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