For me

So this room...I made for me...for when I get stinking rich. Haha!  A girl can dream, right?  And, I did.  And, this is what I came up with.  I imagine it in a grand, hundred year old house, with 12 foot ceilings and insane trim.  Can you see it?  The walls are a fresh white.  The floor is wood, in a rich walnut stain.  And the ceiling?...the ceiling is covered in Ellie Cashman's "Still Life with Shadows Blue Wallpaper."    You still with me?  

Everything else in the space is based on that wallpaper.  Pulling in the light powder blue of the sofa, with the petal pink of the chairs, and gold....lots of gold.  The window treatments would be simple and clean.  A white taffeta.  Not necessarily practical, but, oh, so, beautiful.  The lamps are a little formal and stuffy, but the black shades keep it modern and new. 

Virtually everything was sourced via 1st Dibs.  Because, that is absolutely, hands down, my favorite site for sourcing.  And, if I became stinking rich...that's exactly where I'd go to furnish my home.  I will say however, that the rug comes from One Kings Lane.  Hide is the only way I could have a white rug in my life.  It's virtually indestructible.  And, withstands cat vomit (and other things) like nothing else.  

As a whole, this room is decidedly feminine, with all the curves, and pastels.  Because, I made it for me.  My husband was like, "No freaking flowers on the ceiling!" with our new home.  He knows me well.  

So, could you live here?  Thoughts?

'Til next time...


Our New "Old" House

 Hey all!  

Today, I thought I might introduce you to our new "old" home.  She was built in 1932.  We moved in a few months ago and are currently settling in.  But this is how the house looked prior to our possession of it.  I'll take you room by room and show you what it used to look like.  And in some cases (not all) what it looked like once it was painted.  There were 3 rooms that needed immediate attention paint-wise.  The Living room, the Dining room, and the Master bedroom.  Below is the Living Room as we first saw it.  Not terrible, but forgettable. 

 As you can see it's a lovely little space.  That fireplace is special, and the windows and french door let in a lot of much needed light.  Below is what I decided to paint it...


This is mid paint job, so the coverage isn't consistent everywhere.  But, you get the idea.  I wanted a crisp, true white, to freshen the room up a bit.  Modernize it.  I think it turned out well.  I'll show you more pics in time.  But, for now...this is what you get.  ( =

Also, as you can see in the second pic, the floors are raw/bare.  As in, they have no finish on them.  That's a whole other story.  And, its a very bad, expensive and depressing one.  So, I won't go into it now.  But, needless to say they finally got refinished.

Below, is the original Dining Room.  I walked in and looked at it like, yup, I can fix this.  Where other people may have been like.  OMG!!!   Yes, that is poop brown in the insets.  Why anyone would paint a dining room that color is beyond me.  It was god-awful. 

 Below, you will see what I chose for the space.  When my husband saw the color on the chip he looked me dead in the eyes and said "It's f@%&ing pink!"  Yup, I painted my dining room "F@%&ing Pink!!!"  Or, more precisely, kind of a dusty mauve color.  I love it.  And after it was up, he did too. 

 This is where you are going to stop seeing the progress shots.  Sorry.  I just haven't gotten any further in the painting process.  Other than the Master, which I sure as hell won't show you (it's a disaster right now,) nothing else has been painted.  I'm living with it 'til I figure it out.

Next up is the Kitchen.  Two things you can say about it is, it's yellow, and it's small.  It also has the original cabinets.  Which made me giddy when I first saw it.  Sure they are a little rickety.  But, they are still gorgeous.  

Here's the other side...

We flip-flopped the refrigerator and the stove/microwave to be where the other was, when we moved in.  It was better for us, and the kitchen.  Looks much better too.  Will have to save a pic of that for another time.  As far as my plans for this little jewel.  It involves black and white.  Surprise, Surprise, I know.  I just looove that scheme so much.  It will be perfect in here if I ever get around to doing it. 

In between the Dining Room and the Kitchen is this darling little Breakfast Nook.  It's yellow too, and tiny.  So much so, that I need to get a table that will actually fit in it.  Notice the little niche' too.  Yeah, those are all over the house.  So sweet.  


So, I have a love/hate thing with the bathroom.   First off, look at that floor.  When I first saw it online, I was beside myself.  It's so cool.  And it still is.  However, I wanted to wallpaper this room.  Well, the whole house really, but it ain't happening.  Why?  Because every single friggin' wall in the house has texture to it.  It's not smooth.  DAMN!!!!!!  I like paint as much as the next girl, but seriously, I was looking forward to doing something special with this space.  I'm still thinking on it, though.  I'll come up with something.   

Last, but not least, is the Master Bedroom.  Oy vey!!!   It looked like it was part of a completely different house.  Like a ski lodge or something.  So. much. WOOD!   Now people, I know this might upset some of you.  But, just remember.  It's my home, and I have a vision.  And, that ain't a ski lodge.  So, I painted it.  All white.  I would have painted the stinking flooring too if it weren't Pergo.  We are going to replace the floor eventually.  But, that's a ways down the road.  

So, there you have it.  Our new "old" home.  It's small, but it's cozy.  And, I love all of the original features that are still in it.  So special.  I have a lot to alter/fix/generally make pretty.   Will you follow along with me?  

'Til next time. 



So, I have it on good authority (Benjamin Moore) that red is going to be big this year.  Which makes me laugh a little, because, in all honesty, I'm not that fond of it.  I mean, I don't hate it.  But, it's not something I use all that often either.  So, I went about making a board, using red, that I could live with.  Maybe even like.  This is what I came up with.  

The art is the crux and the jumping point of the design.  I just die over it. Maybe a little dramatic I know, but, it's over 7 grand, so, yeah.  The piece is by Katherine Fraser.  The title of it?...Second to None.  Perfect.

The bed is next.  It was originally from Dwell Studio.  But, I believe has been discontinued.  Which is a crying shame, because it is gorgeous.  The rug, was originally sourced from esalerugs.com it's also gone.  Sold, I imagine, to some lucky buyer.  The lamps were from 1st Dibs, and I am intensely jealous of whoever snatched them.  They were on my want list forever.  

So what are your thoughts on the room?  What about red in general?  Is it something you can imagine living with every day?  I think, if my room were like this one.  I would be just fine with it.   

'Til next time. 


I'm here. Really I am!

Hi there.  

What to say, what to say.  

It's been over a year since I've last talked to you guys.  It's been one helluva year, at that.  Not sure if anyone is still listening.  But, in case you are, I just wanted to pop in and update you on how things are going.  Above you will see a pic (albeit a bad iphone pic) of a project I just finished.  If you follow me on Instagram you will have seen these already, but I wanted to post them here for all those who don't follow me there.  I am insanely proud of this project.  It was a looooong labor of love.  Emphasis on LONG.  But, we prevailed and it's finally done.  And, I'm ecstatic with how it turned out.  

You see, this project was in Springfield, MO and when we started it, I was still in Chicago.  We have since moved back to Kansas City, MO, but that's still two and a half hours away.  So, most of the design was done through email and online.  Aka, I never really got to see it in person until the final install.   I can't begin to tell you how it felt to walk into that house, and see my vision, in real life.  It was like stepping into a surreal world where my imagination came into being.  And THAT, ladies and gentleman is why I love what I do.  I have amazing clients who give me the reins (for the most part) and let me create for them a home that they can be proud of.  A place to enjoy and love.  It's so meaningful to me.  It makes me feel good. 

Below, its a custom console table we had made for the space, and some Venini lamps that scream sexy.  The mirror was an addition I made half way though, and it was definitely the right choice, as it reflects the light back into the room and gives depth to the space.   

  I have a whole house full of pics (taken with a real camera) to share eventually.  This is just the living room.  But, as things have been rather slow since moving back, I'm looking into getting this space published (fingers crossed) and publications aren't too fond of something that has already been shared.  So, you will have to wait a little longer.  I know, I know, after a year away you are used to it. 

SO, what do you think.  Do you like?  
I feel like, if this is the last space I ever design, I can say I did well.  Which is an important realization for me.  If I never get hired again.  At least I was able to to make this.  How's that for satisfaction.  

Ok, all, I'm signing off.  NOT for another year, either.  I have another post scheduled to go up on Friday.  I'm trying to get back into this again.  I really need to.  For myself, more than anything.  It's a good outlet, and I forgot that.  Thanks for listening and supporting me.  Truly, I appreciate it.   

'Til next time.  ( =


Ysabel LeMay and then some

Hello all.  

How are things on your side of the screen?  Hopefully decent.  I don't post nearly as much anymore, and when I do I keep it light and happy.  But, I have to be honest.  It's been a doozy of a few months.  We moved back to KC.  Which is wonderful, however, we are staying with family and I'm missing having my own home.  Also, and most importantly, my 2 year old son, Roman, was finally diagnosed with Autism.  I say finally, because I've known since he was nine months old that there was something off.  And to finally have it confirmed was a release and a earth shattering moment all in one.  We currently go to therapy for 20 hrs a week.  Hoping to give him a chance at a normal life (whatever that is.)  So yeah.  Some rough shit.  But, we are trying to pull together as a family and meet this head on.  I'm striving to be positive (not a strength of mine, I'm more of a realist) as he was so young when we caught it and there is a chance of essentially rewiring his brain.  We'll see how he progresses.  But either way he is our sweet little boy and we love him unconditionally. No matter what.

 Annnnnd, that has been my life the past few months.    Just wanting to share a little more than fabulous art and design related stuff.  Get a little more personal, and share some of my life with you all.  Not too often...just every once in a while. 

But now....the time has come to speak of prettier things.  To lift the mood and enjoy the beauty of art.  So today I have the work of Ysabel LeMay to show you.  I came across her on Saatchi.  Her work is so complex while keeping a dreamy quality that makes her unique.  It all feels so "garden of Eden,"  Take a gander...

What do you think. Lovely right?  
She has a ton more work than what I've shown today.  It's all magical.  

Also, thank you for listening to my rambling.  It helps to get it out and actually see it on the screen.  We have been in limbo for so long it's hard to remember there is an earth anymore.  But, this too shall pass.  Right?   

Please take care.

Til next time....



Red, White and Blue - Happy Fourth!

 I'm back!  Thought I might throw together a Fourth of July Board for us Americans.  Everything you see here is from an online, new to me shop called Waiting On Martha.  I'm sure many of you have heard of, or seen it.  But, I'm a newbie, and seriously am digging it.  This is just some of the more patriotic wares.  There is an amazing array of other offerings that I will keep in mind when sourcing for clients.  This is why the internet is my best resource.  Places like this offer so many lovely options that it's a no-brainer. 

Hope you like and have a wonderful (and safe!) Fourth!

Talk soon!


Cozy Library?

Hello all!!!

So here is a little something I've been working on as of late for a pair of clients with serious budget constrictions.  It's a simple example of what would end up being a much more complex design, but I still love how it turned out.  However, the clients.  Not so much.  So it's back to the drawing board. Which makes me sad as I thought this was a wonderful possible room.  One I wouldn't mind having in my own home. 

 But, I thought I might as well share it here to see what you all thought.  It's a very dark, cozy library/family room space.  I've been loving using oriental rugs to bring in color.  It gives interest without overtaking the space.  The sofa is existing and something that needed to be integrated into the design.  And, those chairs...ugh, loved them.  And the price was wonderful, so much so, that someone else already scooped them up.  Insert sad face here.  I was thinking of buying them if my clients didn't.  But oh well.  Such is life.  

So what do you think?  Are you a fan of this cozy library look?  Or, did I miss the mark?

 Best to everyone.  Talk soon!


Long Overdue Update!

Hello to the one person who still reads this.  It's been too long.  

I wanted to say hello and give you a little update about what I've been doing as of late.  It's been an eventful last few weeks for me personally.  We are at long last moving back to Kansas City from Chicago.  You know how you never knew how good you had it til you leave it.  Yeah, that's Kansas City for us.  Plus, my son has Sensory Processing Disorder and its imperative that we are close to family for his benefit as well as mine.   It's been a looooong haul kids.  But, I think things are on the upswing, hopefully.  

Ok enough about personal stuff.  Let's get on to the pretty.  Right?  

So, what I'm going to show you today is from my Clay project's living room.  This is a slow moving job.  The clients want to make sure every piece is right and price isn't as important as beauty.  But of course, there is a budget too, and good things take time, as they say.  We FINALLY got the custom made daybed finished.   It turned out to be....well.... badass!  No other way to put it.  

Uhh yeah, told you.  

That amazing hand-painted fabric is from Holly Cooper.  Then we had the daybed itself built from scratch and upholstered.  So cool.  

Here it is in it's natural habitat.

This pic was before some major changes took place.  But, this way you can get the full effect of the daybed in situ.  Here is the next incarnation of this room...

As you'll notice, the artwork behind the sofa went bye-bye, and we replaced it with this incredible mirror.  Instantly better.  The artwork was relocated to the library.  Which had a PERFECT spot for it.  Worked out brilliantly.  

THEN, there are these chairs.  Holy moly.  

I adore how they turned out.  Originally, they were a garish turquoise color velvet.  Now, a little white gator perks them right up.  Also, a little le tigre never hurt anyone.  Not to mention that Ashley Woodson Bailey in the background.  

Annnnd, there you have it.  This project is turning out so lovely.  

Thanks to those who have stuck with me.  I'll try to come back on a more regular basis.  I know I always say that.  But, I will really try.  

Best to you all.  Talk soon.

p.s.- if you want to keep up to date with me in real time, come visit me at my instagram account.



Hello.  Hope all is well with you.  

We just got back from visiting family and friends in KC.  I'm
missing home greatly right now.  But you never know.  Right?

Anyway, get a load of this design board.  Eccentric is what comes to mind when I see it.  But, in a good way.  That sofa is what kicked it all off.  Talk about wild and crazy.   It's upholstered in Liberty of London fabric and is the coolest kind of kooky.   If I had a library I might just make this a reality.  The artwork is nothing to sniff at either.   It's a lovely piece by Miss Aniela.  Not sure what kind of name Miss is, but since she makes this kind of work, I wouldn't care if she were called Fluffy.  This board is a bit of a departure from what I typically create which is why I thought it might make a nice change of pace.  Hope you like it.  Could you deal with a room such as this?  Or is it a little too "out there" for you?


Obsessed With Brooke Shaden

Hi all.  I wanted to pop in first off just to say hi.  
It's been a while.  But, also to share. 

I love art.  It brings a room to life and puts the stamp of the owner's personality on it.  It's such an integral part of any design, and likewise, typically carries one of the highest price-tags.  But, owning works of art like the ones featured today is a real dream of mine, and one I hold for every client I work with.  They can literally change the mood of a room.  These insanely glorious works come from Brooke Shaden.  She is without a doubt one of my favorites.   There is a feeling of melancholy in her pieces that resonates with me.  They are so heartrendingly beautiful that it's hard to look away.  I love it when art makes you feel something beyond just the initial beauty of it.

I hope some of these pieces speak to you as they do to me.  Thanks for still coming to visit me here (all 2 of you.)  I will continue to update and share as I am inspired to.  I find I use this blog for a record for myself, as much as a space to share with others.  Talk soon all.  

Til next time...


Nursery Reveal!

the nursery I've been working on is finished.  All I have to show you at the moment is iphone pics, but they aren't too bad.  As I said before the green crib was the jumping point for this little design. And believe me "little" is an accurate description of this room.  We had a lot to cram into a small amount of space.  Challenging, indeed! 

This space is for a little boy, and absolutely packed with personality.   As you can see, it's not a shy room.  It's meant to pack a punch visually speaking.  The ceiling really makes this space and the lighting provides the jewelry.  

Annnnnd, there you have it.  Hope you enjoyed this little tour.  I enjoyed designing this room for sure.   It was refreshing to be able to make a nursery that doesn't revolve around peace and tranquility.  This room was meant to be fun, interesting and above all, unique to it's little occupant.  Check, check and check!

'Til next time!...


Nursery Update!

 Making some great progress on a nursery I am doing right now.   The lighting and window treatments will be up by next weekend which will really help to soften the place up.  The rocking chair will be going to the left there, semi-in front of the shelving.  Notice the ceiling?  Doesn't it look faaaabbbulouuuusss!?!?!  I'm digging it in a big way.  Totally patting myself on the back with that choice. 

 I am really loving the dresser.  It's got a lovely patina to it.   And our Michelle Armas print from OKL is perfect above it.  We've still got a little ways to go 'til we are finished, but we are seriously rounding the bend on this project, and I am thrilled. 

As a reminder...this is where we are headed...

As I said before this will be no typical nursery.  Which is so refreshing.   I can't wait to get this room finished and move onto the next one.  Their Master.  Queue the clapping!  I'll be back soon with more goodness, and hopefully more progress.  

'Til then.....


Clay Living Update

Hello all. 

So here are some updated pics from the Clay Project. For those of you following me on my instagram account you have already seen a couple of these. The project itself is slowwwwwly creeping along. But, I always love when I get progress shots. Makes my day. 

So check it out....those Venini lamps never hurt anyone.  Oh my, it's hard to look at them they are so lovely.  Like looking directly into the sun.  Also digging the custom console.  Nice and streamlined.

Annnnd, my favorite piece of art ever.  From the dear Ashley Woodson Bailey.  We had it made in a custom size for above the fireplace.  

Another shot of the Venini Lamps behind that schexy hunk of a sofa.   Yum.

Check out  those urns.  So unique.  I just think them sitting atop their acrylic pedestals equals perfection.  Another interesting layer.  We've still got a loooong way to go.  Countless chairs to be re-upholstered.  Wallpaper to be installed in the library and dining rooms.  Not to mention all the details that are still yet to be found.  But, the basics are starting to arrive which is thrilling.  

 just to remind you. This...

...is where we are heading.  As each piece is chosen and arrives we are that much closer.  Making me an intensely excited lady.   I think that is where I leave you today.  My son is screaming in his playpen, which I have dutifully been ignoring as I type.  But, in the hope I don't scar him too much, or give him some sort of complex, I'll go and pick him up, which is all he wants.  Bad Mommy.  But sometimes a girl just needs to update her blog.  Am I right?  Ha.

Til next time.


Black and White

 So today, I'm thinking, is a good day.  My days have been eaten up by a little man by the name of Roman.  It's an amazing time right now for us, because he's 9 mos. and starting to walk, along with developing his little personality.  But, I'll tell you what.  The boy wears me out.  Sometimes I'm lucky to brush my teeth, people.  And it's day in and day out.  This whole mother thing is no joke.  Sometimes I don't feel very cut out for it.  But, I'm sure everyone feels that from time to time.  At least that's what I tell myself.

Anyway,  on to the good stuff.  It's been a while since I've done a board like this.  So, I thought it might be fun.   Also, when in doubt, you can never go wrong with black and white.  These are some of my favorite pieces lately.  So much to love here.  The artwork is by Ashley Woodson Bailey, who is my favorite artist right now.   Not only is the subject flowers, but she makes the most lovely, moody photographs.  All things I dig in a big way.  The chairs are classic.  The pillows are super cool.  They have that graphic punch.   Lastly the rug.  Just plain ol' neat.  I have never seen one like this one before.  That in itself makes it special for me.  I love the unique. 

With that I'm signing off for today.  Have a good one all. 

'Til next time...



Hello all.  

How's the day shaping up?   Here it is lovely.  The sun is shining, the birds are singing, and the sub freezing temps have finally ceased. Halle-freaking-lujah!

So, I am just starting to work on a entire house redo.  Which I am super excited about, especially considering it is for one of my favorite previous clients.    We will be beginning with the nursery.  Allowing me to live vicariously through her, as my own nursery here at home, sadly, has not even been started, even though Roman has been here for almost nine months.  Pathetic indeed!!!  She is having a boy (so fun), and wanted a nursery that didn't look like a nursery.  In other words, no cutesy tootsy things, like animal murals on the wall or the babies name spelled out above the crib.  I honestly hate typical nurseries, so she came to the right place.  Of course, it needs to be child friendly, and have some whimsy to it.  It IS still a nursery after all.

The crib was the jumping point.  Sister is not afraid of color (ummm, green crib.)  You might recognize the ceiling treatment here from the ceiling of the Clay Library.   It's amazing how the same thing can be used again, with such different results. I just felt is would be perfect for this space.

The artwork ties the whole room together.  I wanted to keep the rest of it, save the crib of course, semi- neutral. Hence all the black and white.  But, the artwork, which is by Katerina Bodrunova, brings out that pop of green perfectly.   

I love making a unique space for my clients.  This won't be mistaken for those bland all white and grey nurseries that inundate my pinterest.   There's such an amazing opportunity to make a space interesting and fun when designing a child's room/nursery.  Why settle for grey and white. 

Anyway, I can't wait to get started.  Seriously, champing at the bit!  I'll be back with updates as they happen.  Aaaand, with that I shall bid you adieu!

Til next time...

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