Hello all.  

How's the day shaping up?   Here it is lovely.  The sun is shining, the birds are singing, and the sub freezing temps have finally ceased. Halle-freaking-lujah!

So, I am just starting to work on a entire house redo.  Which I am super excited about, especially considering it is for one of my favorite previous clients.    We will be beginning with the nursery.  Allowing me to live vicariously through her, as my own nursery here at home, sadly, has not even been started, even though Roman has been here for almost nine months.  Pathetic indeed!!!  She is having a boy (so fun), and wanted a nursery that didn't look like a nursery.  In other words, no cutesy tootsy things, like animal murals on the wall or the babies name spelled out above the crib.  I honestly hate typical nurseries, so she came to the right place.  Of course, it needs to be child friendly, and have some whimsy to it.  It IS still a nursery after all.

The crib was the jumping point.  Sister is not afraid of color (ummm, green crib.)  You might recognize the ceiling treatment here from the ceiling of the Clay Library.   It's amazing how the same thing can be used again, with such different results. I just felt is would be perfect for this space.

The artwork ties the whole room together.  I wanted to keep the rest of it, save the crib of course, semi- neutral. Hence all the black and white.  But, the artwork, which is by Katerina Bodrunova, brings out that pop of green perfectly.   

I love making a unique space for my clients.  This won't be mistaken for those bland all white and grey nurseries that inundate my pinterest.   There's such an amazing opportunity to make a space interesting and fun when designing a child's room/nursery.  Why settle for grey and white. 

Anyway, I can't wait to get started.  Seriously, champing at the bit!  I'll be back with updates as they happen.  Aaaand, with that I shall bid you adieu!

Til next time...


Clay Living Room Update

Hello to you. How are you this fine day?  

Things are well here.  The weather is supposed to cooperate with my yearning for Spring this week.  Which makes me a happy, happy girl.  I am so sick of seeing snow still on the ground that's been there for two months.  Yuck.  

Sooooo, I have a bit of a treat for you today.  The Clay Project is coming along nicely.  After several options being chucked, so to speak, we have decided upon a final layout for the living space.

 Which allows us enough room for a custom daybed upholstered in Kelly Wearstler's Channels fabric. It's going to be gorgeous.  Seriously, so fabulous it will make your toes curl.   

Also, remember that those chairs are going to be done in a lovely white croc faux leather, 

Then a pair of these glorious furry ottomans...

Add in next, this pair of large French architectural urns.  Spectacular! 

They will be perched atop the acrylic pedestals.  The flames at the top are so unique and interesting.  They add the perfect "something old" to the mix.  

 And that's where we are at present.  The final details/accessories/pillows/lighting are still to be decided, which is super exciting.  It's so fun to see a room come together.  Especially when it comes from your own little brain.  Very satisfying.  I struggle, like most others with my "am I good enough?" demons.  I assume most people have their own version of that anyway.  But, then when I see a project finely come to fruition, and see a clients smiling face, that's all that matters.   You know?

Anyway that covers it for now.  Have a wonderful week.  Hopefully it will be mild and Spring-ish where you are as well.  Enjoy it!  

I will be back soon with more goodness.

Til then...


Clay Media Room Update

Hello, hello.  

I am alive and reasonably well.  Just trying to make it through this Chicago winter, which I am officially and undeniably OVER!  My son has decided to skip crawling and go straight to trying to walk.  The emphasis here is on trying.  We've already had several bumps and bruises.  Which not only breaks my heart, but simultaneously makes me look like a baby beater.  Pray to all that is holy, that my son lives to see his first birthday.

Yeah, exciting times here.

Anyway....Thought I'd pop in with a bitty update for you.  This project is unfortunately out of state for me, and therefore I rely solely on the mercies and goodwill of my client to send pics.  I, otherwise, would most likely be over there weekly to catch a view.  I'm sure they are glad that I'm not close enough to do that.

I have to admit, I am so very happy with how things are turning out.  There's a lot of purple going on in here, but the velvet drapery brings in some texture, while enveloping the room into a eggplant colored cocoon, which saves the day.

Right now, we are working on the art that needs to go over the sectional.  It needs to be a big son-uva-gun.  As the sectional/wall is rather large.  I thought I'd flank the smaller options with sconces.  Adds a little dimension right?  Below are the four options I gave them for the artwork.  I do have my favorite, but, what matters is which is their favorite. 

So which option would you choose were it your choice?  Just curious.

Alright all, I'll try not be away for a couple of months this time.  Things are rolling along again after a holiday hiatus, so I'll keep you in the loop.  

Til next time...


Shawnee Project

This is another project I am working on right now. We will call it the Shawnee project.  My client is a mature woman who leans a little more to the traditional side of the spectrum.  So, I wanted to semi-stay in her comfort zone while freshening/lightening things up considerably.   My client (like myself) is vertically challenged, and we needed a sofa that fit her petite proportions without being dinky.   Enter the Crosby sofa from West Elm.  It's modern without being too stark of a contrast for the rest of the more traditional design.  It's a welcome update from it's super traditional, red plaid predecessor.   The existing palate was pretty dark and heavy.  I wanted to lighten things up, bring in an airy feeling.  The double layered sheers will breeze things up quite a bit and the rug is traditional without feeling stuffy.  The artwork is my favorite thing in the room.  Surprising I know.  It's just so soothing, and the massive scale will keep it modern in tone. 

This is just a preliminary board.  Things aren't set in stone yet.  The coffee table is still up for debate as are many of the details.  But, this is just a look into my little head, and gives you an idea of where we are (hopefully) headed.  I'm enjoying this project much more than I thought I would considering the traditional feel the client wanted to keep.  Looking forward to seeing how this space shakes out.

'Til next time...


Clay Library Update

Today I thought I'd give you a look into the design for the library. It's a small room off the entry through which you have to walk to get to the rest of the home.   Needless to say it needs to be a dramatic space.  

You can see the view of it behind the piano.  It's such a charming little space.  With just enough room for four chairs to relax in while reading books. 

Like I said, this is sort of an extension to the entryway and I wanted it to be a statement space.  So we are going black on the walls.  The ceiling will be special due to the fact that it will be papered in black and white buffalo check.  The little seating area is defined by this oriental rug and four Ming chairs.  The stump table will be a nice center to anchor the seating arrangement. 

The art I am pushing for is from Zena Holloway and will be large and in charge.  Taking up the majority of the wall entering the room.  It's a small room so we have to get a lot of bang in there without overwhelming the space.  

So there you go...a little look into where we are at this point.  Don't know about you, but I would be happy to live here.  Can't wait to continue on and see how things fall into place.  

'til next time...


Clay Media Room Update

First off, a pic to give you an idea of what we are working with...

That fireplace is insane is is not?  And what can I say about the lighting...spectacular.  

 Here are some work-in-progress shots...

 Alright, so, the wall color is a rich eggplant, and we decided on plush velvet drapery, also in eggplant to help the room feel like a cocoon for TV viewing pleasure.  This is a media room after all.  The sofa is a black leather sectional from Restoration Hardware that was chosen prior to my coming on, and it's a big sucker.  It should provide a comfy seat opposite the TV.  Then the swivel chair was added in, and for even more seating there will be two occasional chairs flanking the credenza, which of course will be under their very large TV.   Did you get all that? 

The coffee table is a massive gold riverstone, that really is sooo cool.  Then of course, when entertaining who can do without a bar cart.  And there you have a complete swanky media room.  Ready for friends, or just a cozy night in.

The next step for this room is the wall decor/artwork, and of course all the little details that make a room so special.

'Til next time.


Clay Project Update

So the Clay project is moving along nicely. The sofa has arrived. And what a sofa it is. I'm mean wow, showstopper much? In all honesty, I was a little concerned it would be a little too royal blue as opposed to the rich navy I was after. But it showed up and as you can see...it's perfect. PERFECT! I'm truly liking the sculptural coffee table too.
The chairs (terrible pic, I know!) that are opposite the sofa ...
will be reupholstered in a lovely white faux croc...
I haven't decided if the layered sheepskin rug is staying yet. It's feeling a little dinky and out of scale to me. Luckily it wasn't crazy $$$. So, we'll see. A set of these...
...will be in front of either window with something fantastic atop them. Still deciding on that one. I'm thinking maybe some antique vases/urns or maybe some large crystals (my clients are really into rocks/minerals.) Also for the back of the living room...
...these glorious monsters will be flanking the window.
So that's where we are at present with the living space.
Hope you liked the little peek. It's rolling along nicely. Soon, I'll let you in on what's happening in the media room. Dramatic and yummy. 'Til next time!


Save A Life

Because this is a cause that is soooooo near and dear to my heart, I had to post this.  Today is Remember me Thursday.  For all those pets who are still waiting for the loving arms of their forever parents.  I had no idea that the percentage of pets adopted from shelters were so few.  It's heartbreaking.  So, this post is for them, to bring awareness to people for those who cannot speak for themselves.  If you are looking for an unconditional love in the form of a pet, I urge you, go to a shelter and find one.  I promise you won't regret it.


Clay Project

So we will officially be calling this the Clay Project.  Just so we can keep things straight.  We've gotten off to a bit of a slow start, as my clients are mullers.  They like to mull things over prior to purchasing anything.  Which can be good and bad.  Good, they get exactly what they want.  No impulse purchasing here.  Bad, sometime we miss out on the one of a kind things.  BUT, it's just different ways of doing things.  I'm learning patience.  Which is important, I'm not a patient person by nature, so, this is definitely a good lesson for me. 

This is what is happening so far in the living room...

Yum.  Right?
It's turning into a lovely, soft, interesting space.  A  lot of texture happening.  Which I adore.  It will be glamorous and yet comfortable.  I am in love with the massive artwork that will be happening in there too.  Can you say statement piece?  Much more will be built on these basics, but all in good time my pretties.

The dining room is also coming into it's own....

That table was a booger to decide on.  The space is large and they wanted an extension table for when they needed the table to be even larger for shindigs and such.  It's walnut and I really like the sculptural quality of the base.  I'm thinking lucite for the chairs to modernize it a little, but you never know.  That's one thing about the way I work, essentially I just offer options...the client does the choosing.  Which makes it personal, and allows them to emotionally invest in each piece going into their home.  It's not just a bunch of things picked out by a virtual stranger.  It's special, and unique to them.  

So there you have it.  Thought you might like an update.  Hope all is well on your side of the screen.  

Til next time...


New Client Intro

So, I thought I'd introduce you to a new client I just picked up.  I am completely and thoroughly in love with their home.  In fact I would move in tomorrow, given the opportunity.  It's that lovely.  Now all it needs is a little design love provided by yours truly.  Would you like a tour?  Thought so.  I do apologize in advance for the poor pics...an iPhone can only do so much.

This is the Library looking into the foyer.  Isn't that tile delicious!  I mean really.  The plan in the Library is to go black on the walls with one of these....

...on the ceiling.  Dramatic indeed!  So excited to see which one the client chooses. 

The living room is long, and there happens to be room for a lovely antique piano.  This is looking into the library from the back of the living room.

 Here's a shot from the living room looking into the dining room which will be having a bit of this action happening.....  

 Next up, a little living room fireplace action.  The lighting is kinda fabulous, right? Allllso, this is kinda fabulous...

...and it will be going into the living space.  Yum!

Tell me this kitchen is not insane!

Ummm yeah!

And now the media room.   
The chandelier is crazy special, not to mention that original fireplace...it's seriously a work of art!  The color looks a little reddish in this pic, but really it's more eggplant.  Rich!

I can not tell you how thrilled I am to have been given this job.  It's going to be a ball!  I'm also looking forward to sharing it with you as we go along.  Sound good?

Til next time...


Watery Beauty

Not sure you know this about me, but I have a thing for underwater photography.    A big thing.  It's just so moody and ethereal.  So, when I came across a photographer by the name of Katerina Bodrunova I got a little excited.  I'm a fan.  I big one.  Can you imagine the impact that having one of these in your space would make?  

Aren't they lovely?

Hope everyone has a wonderful Monday.

Til next time...


Before/Afters Springfield Client

Quite a difference ehhh?  

I promised befores and afters for this project quite a while ago.  I'm not even sure where to start, as there was so much done.  I guess I'll start with the lighting, which was non-existent before.  It was a very large room with a ton of wasted space so I decided to use some of that space and make an entry (to the left is the front door) where there was none before.   We put a spectacular chandelier over the table to further differentiate the space.  Next, I decided there needed to be a light in the living area.  But, not just any light, a major over-sized statement.  I assured my client that it would be over a coffee table (vintage lucite and glass) so no one would be hitting their heads.  Its a showstopper for sure.

The sofa is a custom piece with Thibaut fabric from 1st Dibs.  We reupholstered the chairs (hers already,) and the daybed looked like this when I got it....

Can you believe how well it turned out? 

Next space...the stairs...

Much better, right?  Who doesn't love a little leopard?  

The dining room was another major undertaking.    

She already had the table and chairs, but I wanted to make it a little less matchy, matchy. So, we painted the chairs black and reupholstered them in a faux white croc. Mission accomplished.  We also painted all the woodwork in Benjamin Moore's Dove White (my favorite white) to make it lighter and brighter.  Something else that makes a huge difference is the lighting.  There was only one chandelier originally.  This room is huge, as is the table, so, I decided that 2 is better than one when it came to the chandelier situation.  It makes the room feel so much more grand.  The rug was hers already and adds that "something old" feel to the space. 

So I think that covers most of it.  Hope you enjoyed the break-down as much as I enjoyed designing this space...or at least close. 

Til next time...
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