Home Tour of our Little Tudor

Hello All!  

So, there have been, and are continuing to be some big changes going on in life right now for me.   Our house is currently under contract and we are going through inspections and all that that entails, which in and of itself could make a girl go batty!  We bought this little gem of a house just a year and a half ago...so, why are we moving AGAIN then?  Well, it's a looong story that I won't bore you with..but once again, we are moving for our son.  The schools in KC proper ain't great, and prior to moving here we had pegged a private school that seemed to be able to give my son the support he needs.  As a reminder...my son has Autism.  High Functioning Autism, but still Autism.  As we were trying to get him into preschool this Fall with said school, it turned out that they were NOT able to provide him the supports he needed.  Surprise!!!  F%&K!!!   So, we are moving to a suburb, with amazing schools for a child with his needs.  Downside....suburbia.  No old beautiful homes with mature trees.  Almost every house looks like the one next to it.  Etc, etc. etc.  It's a necessary move but, I'm also mourning the loss of living somewhere I love.  It won't be the same, however, it's a necessary move.  Life is what it is.  

I thought I might show you some of what I was able to get done in the short time we've lived here.  I didn't get to finish my son's room, the family room, or the Master.  But, I got pretty darn close everywhere else.  There are still things I would have done, but whatever. 

 This is our little living room.  I pieced it together with Craigslist finds and what we already had.  It's so cozy and happy feeling to me.  Not necessarily how I would have done it had we had the money, but a girls gotta work with what she has, right? 

This is the entrance/a shot of our sweet fireplace.  It's such a welcoming space.  

 Another angle of the living room... 

...and another.  

Below is our dining room.  Most of the lighting on the main floor was replaced.  I looooove this chandelier with the black shades.  It gives the space such a feeling of intimacy.  And, the curtains, really cocoon the room.  I love pink and navy together. 

Next up, is the Breakfast Nook. The table is too large and there are no chairs...but it's such a fun little space.  The original built-ins are still there, and the nook in the wall is the perfect place for art. 

So now, we are moving on to the kitchen.  This room was my biggest labor of love. 

Originally, the cabinets were all white.  The stove and the fridge traded places.  I decided when I first walked in that the cabinets would be black on bottom and white on top.  I thought it would modernize the space and yet still keep the nostalgia that made the space great.  I picked my appliances accordingly.  If you'll notice the microwave is white.  It was a big gamble, but I think it paid off.  If we were staying I would have continued with the black and white and added some horizontal 1" striped wallpaper.  Ahhhh, what might have been. 

and last, is the bath...God, I love that floor.  So much here was left undone.  I planned to have a custom shower curtain made, and instead of the ugly blinds, have a custom shade made.  I still think it's a sweet, interesting place to use the facilities though. 

So, that's all I have for you.  The bedrooms are faaaar from done, so I didn't want to show them.  Sorry.  You know how it is.  No point in showing them if they can't do you proud.  Right?  

  I'll continue to pop in here from time to time with updates.  Thanks so much for coming along and enjoying my little abode as it is.  I will miss this home very much, it was a sanctuary for my family and I'll never forget that feeling.  Hope you all have a wonderful day!

Talk soon...til next time!


Massimo Listri and a Heartfelt Hello!

Hello all!

Hope everyone is doing well today.  Thought I'd check-in, and bring with me a board featuring Massimo Lisstri's photography.  This is a little more on the traditional side of my style. But, still very pretty, I think.  Soft, light, and inviting.  

It's been a busy couple of months since we've last chatted.  Unfortunately, not much progress on the home-front though.  Which is one of the largest reasons I've been absent.  It's hard when you don't necessarily have that much to share.  We all know fresh content is what people want, and if I can't give that to you, then what's the point? Right?  I'm not going to inundate your feeds with other peoples content.  Unless, it really speaks to me, it doesn't make the cut.  Period.  Hope you understand.  As things pick up, I'll pop-in more.  There's just a dry spell right now and my blog is suffering.  As is my wallet.  Ha!  Hopefully, that will change soon.  Or, soonish, at least.  

So, tell me.  What are your thoughts on the above space?  Is it something you can see yourself living in?  Too traditional?  Too bland?  Or, just right?  

Have a glorious rest of your day today.  Talk soon(ish.)  



The Master Bedroom

How are you this fine Monday?  

So, I'd like to talk to you about our Master Bedroom.  I'm going to show you a pic of what it looks like today.  As much as I don't want to, because it's embarrassing, like, reallllly bad.  But, for you to get an idea of what I'm working with...it's necessary.  

This is my reality, folks.  Complete with dirty laundry, a chair that's had the shit ripped out of it by my cats, and god awful, yellow, laminate flooring.  This is my bedroom.  And, I hate it.  Believe it or not, this is the improved version though.  It used to be all wood and blue.  

It was the first room to get painted in the new house.  Thank God!  I have to admit, the white definitely helped.  But, paint don't fix everything!  The rest is up to me.  Below you will see what I'm thinking about for the space...

This is what is in my head.  

In all honesty, it may end up nothing like this.  If I had my way...it would.  But, there is another person I have to design for in this space.  My husband.  Who is 6'5 and doesn't like beds with footboards.  So the bed is probably out.  But, a girl can dream anyway.  The artwork is my favorite part of the design.  It's simply exquisite.  It's by my favorite photographer Brooke Shaden.  It's another feature that most likely will not come to pass (unless we hit the lottery.)  But, it's such a beautiful piece, and so completely what I envision in this space that I decided to include it anyway. Can you blame a girl?   We'll see how it really turns out, in time.  But, there are so many other projects ahead of this one, it's going to be a while.    

So, that's what's in my head.  Hope you enjoyed it, and maybe even got a little inspiration from it.  Hope you have a glorious day.  

Talk soon!


This or That???

Soooooo, I have a dilemma on my hands.  

Since I have my new oxblood sofa (see here,) I'm feeling like the modern abstract above it just isn't working for me anymore.  I still love the piece.  Just not there.  Just like the white walls aren't working for me either.  I swear...get a new sofa and everything is thrown out of wack.  But, these are good problems to have.  The sofa IS working for me.  So, I need to go from there.  Right?

Above, you will see the two options I've narrowed it down to for the replacement of said abstract.  It will (of course) be above the sofa.  And I want it large.  Like, reallllllly large.  I want it to fill the entire space above the sofa.  The one on the left comes in a 54x68 size.  Which would be perfect.  The one on the right...I'm seeing if I can get it custom made in a large size (it only comes in a 50x40 size.)  If not, I don't know.  I'm trying to decide if I can live with it that small.  Now, I know you're like...dang...small?  I mean it...I want it large and in charge.  

As far as, which I like better?  I have to say it's the one on the right.  I love me a good, dark, moody still life.   Plus, those colors...wow, like they were made for the space.  But, the one on the left is lovely too.  And, more of the size I had in mind (ugh, back to that.)  So, I'm truly torn.

Also, the color of the walls is up for debate.  I have it narrowed down to 2 colors. 

Dove Tale (left) and Peignoir (right.)  Both by Farrow and Ball.

Now, Peignoir was one that I nearly painted the Living Room to begin with 7 months ago (instead of the white.)  I was THIS close.  But, in the end, I decided to be safe.  Wah, wah.  But, you live, you learn.  Dove tale, is a little bit darker.  But, still along the same lines.  I don't think I could go wrong with either, really.  Both are incredibly sophisticated, but still soft.  I might get some samples and throw them up on the wall for comparison.  We'll see.  

And, that's it for this fabulous Wednesday.  What are your thoughts?  

'Til next time...


The Bathroom

The bathroom. Ugh!  Where to start?!? 
 First off, let's start with what I have to work with...

This is a pic of what I walked in to on the day we closed.  It ain't bad, for sure.  I've seen a lot worse!  For. SURE!  But, it ain't great either.  First starters, it's old.  Which is okay, cause I get that fantastic tile floor.  I'm in love with the floor.  But, virtually everything else is just old.  Saying that, I have to disclose...this will be a lipstick on a pig situation.  There is no ripping the whole thing out and starting over.  For that matter...there is no budget!  Ha!  But, where there's a will there's a way, right?  And, I've got the will part, down pat.  

But, still...what to do?  

SO, I started looking for a rug.  I know, we don't want to cover up too much of that glorious original tile.  But, my son doesn't like to stand on the tile alone...hence, the rug.  I'm thinking one of these two would be lovely....

In all honesty, the one on the right, is the one I want.  It's perfect!  But, it's a little more $ than the one on the left...so, there's my dilemma.  Up next are the walls.  These are my color options...


Black, midnight blue, or aubergine for the base color.   Yeah, I said base color, because I'll be doing a little something else over it.  Here's my inspiration...

 Since I can't do wallpaper (textured walls.)  The next best thing is just free-handing it.  Sure, it's a little labor intensive.  But, if I can pull it off, it'll be worth it.  Super excited about this aspect, for sure.  

Next up the lighting.  As you can see, there ain't much.  Just a light over the mirror.  So, I need to make sure the fixture is practical (enough light) as well as pretty.  Here are the options I've narrowed it down to...

I looove the top two.  The bottom one would be much more economical (the name of my game,) but dang, the top two make me happy.  We'll see which one wins out.  

Next, the faucet.  These are budget options.  Sorry, unfortunately, I can't afford the $500 version of these, as much as I'd like to.  But, these will work, I think, and dress it up in there.  

Not bad, right?  I like the one on the left a little more than the one on the right.  I like the lines of it. It just feels a little more luxurious to me.   

The shower curtain, I've decided, is going to be custom made.  Out of white silk taffeta.  I love how swanky silk taffeta is.   It makes me happy.  And the mirror, ugh the mirror.  I don't know what I'm going to get.  Something vintage, something new, something modern, something ornate?  I think it will be a game-time decision.  I have to find the right one, and the decision is based on all the other moving parts in this bathroom.  

So, there you go.  My updated bathroom.  What do you think?  Do you have any strong opinions on any of these choices?  Hope you have a wonderful day!

'Til next time...


Project Pawnee Living Room

So, this was a living room I did a few months ago.  I didn't get a pic (unfortunately) of it's finished state.  But, I still have the board I made.  The rug was spectacular.  The sofa sat in front of a wall of windows (hence, no artwork,) and was framed by these lovely, navy velvet drapes.  We found some swivel chairs and reupholstered them in a dove gray velvet.  Those lamps are something special too.  They were from 1st Dibs and were one of a kind.    The bronze Knoll Platner coffee table was kind of the icing on the cake.  Really wish I would have gotten some pics of the installed space to show you.  Ugh!  Anyway, hope you are having a lovely day thus far.  

'Til next time...


Neutral Bedroom

First off, let me say... 


See I can do neutral and subtle!  Sometimes.  Every once in a while.  When I need to.

This was a bedroom I did for a client here in KC.  They wanted to keep it neutral and light.  So I went with greys, browns, creams, and white.  The bed is from RH, as is the drapery.   I have to say, the bed wasn't my first choice, but they wanted a platform bed that was modern.  So, this is what we landed on.  The lamps and the rug shown here (not the actual rug, but, looked like it) were both from Black Rooster.   A little aside about Black Rooster...love their stuff, but it takes FOREVER to get delivered.  Don't know if it's cause it's in Canada, and I'm not, or what.  But, everything I've ever had clients order through them was crazy slow to arrive.  Great place though!

Anyway.  The showstopper of the room without of doubt though, has to be the two Sarreid nightstands from 1st Dibs.  They are the jewelry.  The shiny things that draw your eye.  A little flashy, maybe, but they keep the room from being boring.  Which you never want to happen.  

So, that's it for this bedroom.  Do you like the more subdued me?  

'Til next time...


The Green Room aka Family Room

Head's up, this is going to be an incoherent ramble.  

So here's the deal.  

This is our Family Room.  Well, will be our family room.  When it's finished.  Which will happen, god knows when, but I digress.  The sofa is in my possession.  

Which, I think, was most of the battle to make this thing happen.  Cause finding the perfect green sofa, with aqua and gold brocade trim, that was IN my price range.  Impossible.  Or, so I thought. I came upon this beauty whilst perusing Chairish.  It was my own sofa miracle.   Especially with the crazy adventure of trying to get it up the stairs, in our 85 year old house (there are literally chunks out of the plaster walls in the stairwell, I kid you not.)  But, I digress (again.)  It's mine, and it made it into the room.  So, there you go...right?  If only.

My Platner is the only other thing in the room right now (that's staying,) besides a very large TV.  It's tricky, you see, because it's a very long narrow room, with the TV on one side and the sofa on the other.  I'm going to get 2 aqua swivel chairs (which clearly, aren't shown on the board) to go on the left there.  They will JUST fit.  But, they have to be small.  As there is limited space.  My guess is I'll have to find some, and then reupholster them.   What's new.

The walls are going green, I think.  The same color as the sofa.  It will be a very green room.  Which could be super rad...or...not.  Then the aqua toile fabric swatched above will be for the curtains/shades.  I just love these 2 colors together.    The lamps in the pic are just extra....kinda what I have in mind, but only within my budget.  God, I hate budgets.  They spoil all the fun.  

Anyway, thoughts? 


Janos Huszti and Happy Thanksgiving!!!

Hey all!  

Today, I'd like to introduce you to the work of Janos Huszti.   He is  Hungarian artist who blends past and present beautifully.  Literally blurring the lines between the two.  Lovely, right?

As far as the home-front is concerned...things here are going relatively well.  We had the stomach flu go through this last weekend.  Which was terribly messy, as you might imagine.  But, it seems we are on the upswing.  Which makes me a happy girl.  Because, cleaning up puke is hell on the hands!  I mean really.  Anyway, hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving.  This will be our first in our new/old house.  Which is special.  Please eat an extra helping of pie for me, but avoid the turkey coma if you can.  

'Til next time...


My Oxblood Sofa

 Soooooo, this happened this weekend!  You are correct...the pink sofa has moved...into my son's playroom.  I'm still going to reupholster it at some point in time.  But, I found this oxblood sofa and fell in love.  As I've said before, I'm not typically big on red.  But, this was just so rich and lovely.  And the price...well, lets just say you'd hate me.  It looks a little more maroon/burgundy in the pics.  But, the sunlight coming through is changing it.  It's definitely an oxblood beauty. 

Also this happened...

  Yes, I know I said I wanted to go modern with the blue chair.  But I found this one, and the price was too good to pass up.  Plus, its the perfect color.  I joked on Instagram, that I'm going for the granny chic look, as virtually everything in my home is vintage.  I buy very little new.   And, that suits me just fine.  I find vintage pieces...sofas/chairs in particular to be much more well made than the things you can purchase today.  Unless it's super high end/custom made.  It doesn't hurt that sometimes you can find these pieces and purchase them for a song.  Anyway, as of now...I have a red, white and blue living room.  Not quite where I was originally heading, but I can work with it.  I'm still contemplating painting in here.  So, we'll see.  What are your thoughts?  Do you like the white.  Or would you go darker...say a dark/medium gray, or a dark blue.  I just haven't decided yet.  I think I'll need to live with it for a while and see how I feel about it in a month or two. 

Hope you enjoyed checking out my new sofa and chair situation.  I'm thrilled not to have a hot pink sofa in the living room anymore.  For sure!!!  Give me your thoughts on the paint color, or if white is doing it for you.  

'Til next time...


Clay Project - Media Room and Kitchen

Hello all!

Today is the Clay Media Room and Kitchen.  

The eggplant walls in the Media Room, were already chosen and painted when I was brought on, so I thought maybe we could make it cocoon like, and use eggplant velvet drapes to make it feel warm and cozy.  It worked.   The leather sectional sofa was also already chosen, so we just warmed it up with some pillows.  The credenza below the TV is truly a special piece.  It needed to be just right to fit.  I wanted to make sure there was plenty of seating in here for when they are entertaining.  The extra little chairs in front of the windows provide just that. 

The leopard rug, is probably my favorite part of this room.  It adds some much needed panash, right?  It's just such a  unique space, and I love that about it.  That fireplace has my heart.  It's hard to tell in the pics but it's tall.  The TV is obviously the focal point in the room.  But the fireplace is a close second.  As it should be. 

Onto the kitchen.  The kitchen is truly special.  All I needed to do was zhush it up a little.  Hence, the lovely rug.  That sucker is looooong.  But, it really warms the space up and provides a bit of color to this neutral kitchen. 

Another angle.  I won't be using all these shots in my portfolio, but I wanted to give you guys as much to look at as possible.  Even if they aren't perfect pics.  Below, is a lovely little bench area.  We made a cushion out of faux white croc, and the pillows from the leftover fabric from the daybed.  It really is a sweet little nook. 

So, there you have it.  The Clay Project in all it's glory.  Thanks for enjoying all these pics with me.  It was fun to share them finally.  If you have any questions let me know and I will answer them to the best of my ability.  

'Til next time...


Clay Project - Library and Dining Room

Today, I'm going to show you the Clay Project Library, and Dining Room.  First up...Library.  It's a very small space between the Foyer and the Living Room.   But, it was just perfect for a little sitting space to read or relax.  The ceiling is the showstopper here.  It brings a bit of special into a possibly otherwise, bland space.  

The Ming chairs are upholstered in a white, faux ostrich fabric.  We bought two separate sets of chairs and unified them with the upholstery.   The little stump was a 1st Dibs find.  It adds some earthiness to the polished space.  

Above is a view from the Library, into the back of the Living Room, where their piano resides.  It was a true pain to find a bench that was the right dimensions for the piano without being an actual (boring) "piano bench." 

Above is a good shot of the custom window cornices.  They are simple, but still interesting.  They definitely add to the feel of the space.

Ok, so this lady was in the plan from almost the beginning.  She was originally intended for the Living Room where the large mirror is.  However, she was competing for attention with the art over the fireplace and that was a no, no.  Plus, this spot was begging for a statement piece.  So, it all worked out swimmingly.    

Annnnd, that's the Library...next up...Dining Room.

This room was the hardest to photograph.  And I mean hard.  The light was sparse to say the least.  Not many of my shots turned out in here.  I'm still learning to use my DSLR, not to mention Photoshop.  So, don't hate on me too bad.   I'm not a pro.  

The wallpaper is the obvious scene stealer here.  It's so, so lovely.  The homeowner has admitted to now being obsessed with blue and white.  Can't say I blame her. 

The art is from NG Collective Studio.   It's a great source for abstract art. 

 The above, is looking into the kitchen (more to come on that, at a later date.)  Aren't those sconces killer!

The chairs are from Black Rooster and are lovely.  They did however, take an obnoxious amount of time to arrive.  But, once they did, it worked.  

So there you have it.  The Library and Dining Room.  Thanks so much for looking and reading with me.  Hopefully, you like what you see and will come back and hang with me here from time to time.

Next up...the Media Room and Kitchen.  

'Til then... 
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